65 minutes | Oct 23, 2018

Nicole Duggan - My Boy Blue

Finally we're back! In the first episode of series 2 I talk with Nicole, who writes the blog My Boy Blue, and is mum to Riley, who is autistic. A few months back Nicole convinced me to join the world of Snapchat so that I could take part in her "Through Their Eyes" campaign, to raise autism awareness during Autism Awareness Week. It went incredibly well and also raised thousands of pounds for a local autism charity in Ireland. During this episode we get to talk about Nicole and Riley's whole journey, from what first prompted her to take Riley to see a doctor, to the impact of his diagnosis and life is like today. We chat about the state of autism services in Ireland, and how an autism service dog is changing Riley's life. We also talk about the power of social media and just how much of a difference it is making in her local community. Nicole was a great guest, who was completely honest and open in sharing stories from their lives. You can find out more about Nicole and Riley by following them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/myboyblue2017/ and also on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/my_boy_blue_2017/
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