83 minutes | Dec 9, 2018

Miriam Gwynne - Faith Mummy

This week I'm joined by Miriam Gwynne, mother of autistic twins, Isaac and Naomi. Miriam also who writes the blog Faith Mummy I've been reading Miriam's blog since before I started my own, and have loved following Isaac and Naomi's progress over the years, so was delighted to get the chance to talk with her about their story. Even though they are twins, autism means very different things for Isaac and Naomi, just like it does for Tommy and Jude. We get to talk all about their younger years, when the word autism first entered their lives, and also the many other diagnoses that Isaac would later receive. Then we talk about Isaac's unique way of communicating, through Google Maps, and also about how he absolutely loves lifts (elevators) and how it led to being sent lift videos from around the world, and even from Holly and Phil on This Morning! We discuss Naomi's selective mutism, and the strength of her bond with her brother. When their local park receive a makeover Naomi was able to campaign for them to make further changes and put in a swing that her brother could use. Finally we talk about the journey that Miriam has been on as a mother and full-time carer, the ups and downs, and how she has recently been making a real effort to look after herself too. I loved getting to know Miriam's family's story and I'm sure you will too. To read more about Miriam and the twins go to https://faithmummy.wordpress.com/ Or you can find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Faithmummy1/?ref=br_rs
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