63 minutes | Nov 14, 2018

Marc Carter - Little Blue Cup

A couple of years ago, whilst the world was reflecting on Donald Trump being elected as the new US President, another story went viral and was challenging it for most read. That was the story of today's guest, his autistic son Ben, and a little blue cup! After following that story, I met Marc a few months ago, and knew I had to get him as a guest on the podcast. Marc introduces us to the story of his family, his three autistic children, and what autism means to their lives. We talk about their individual strengths and challenges, and how they all get on under one roof. We discuss the provision that's out there for autistic adults once they leave school (or lack of) and what the government should be doing to put things right. We also speak about mental health, in particular Marc's own story, and that of carers in general. Plus of course we talk about Ben's Little Blue Cup, and how that one story has turned into a charity that helps hundreds of families worldwide. I'm sure this is an episode that you're going to love. To find out more about Marc check out his Grumpy Dad page https://www.facebook.com/OriginalGrumpyDad/ To follow Little Blue Cup click here https://www.facebook.com/LittleBlueCup/
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