8 minutes | Feb 6, 2014

SWG002 Early February in a Scottish cottage garden

Welcome to the latest Stopwatch Gardener podcast, where I take a sunny February walk around the garden. If you use iTunes, there’s a link to subscribe at the bottom of this blog, or you can sign up in the margin here to get an e-mail alert whenever I publish a new episode. In this episode, I take another look at the courtyard, which has had a fabulous early-spring cleaning with a power washer, and I take a stroll through the emerging foliage of bulbs, from muscari to tulips to narcissus. I’ve also spotted leaves of an emerging bulb I can’t identify, but I’ll come back to that in a future episode. I also take a peek at my just-pruned wisteria floribunda, which has challenged me to grow it in such a way that its longer racemes of flowers show well: this variety is really better grown on a pergola, so its flowers can be shown to best effect, but in my garden it’s up tight against the wall. Whatever you’re doing in your garden this week, I hope you get a spot of sunshine for it! Plants mentioned in this episode: Peach Avalon Pride Anemone Blanda Narcissus Tulips Allium “Purple Sensation” Muscari Hyacinth Snowdrop: Galanthus Nivalis flore pleno (pictured above) Crocus crysanthus Wisteria Floribunda Do you use iTunes? If so you can subscribe here: Stopwatch Gardener cottage gardening podcast on iTunes Feeding BritCaster.com The post SWG002 Early February in a Scottish cottage garden appeared first on The Stopwatch Gardener.
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