78 minutes | Oct 7, 2020

Natali Kummer and Chris Siegelin: An Interview with the Coaches at Crossfit Valley Park

On this episode of the show, I am interviewing Natali Kummer and Chris Siegelin from Crossfit Valley Park. Natali who is a certified Level I Crossfit coach, Strongift mentorship, and Precision Nutrition Level I Coach and Chris who is a certified Level I Crossfit coach and adaptive training certified.They found that investing in their members has helped build trust and space where members are able to ask questions and they are able to share knowledge in order to enable them to be the best version of themselves. CFVP is different from your traditional Crossfit gym.  Overcoming that expectation and gaining people's trust in the process of moving safer > moving better > to move faster.  E-Mail: natalikummer@gmail.comWebsite: www.crossfitvalleypark.comFacebook: Crossfit Valley Park
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