63 minutes | Aug 12, 2020

Mike Burke: An Interview With The Owner Of Live Bold Coaching.

In this episode of the show, I am interviewing Mike Burke the owner of Live Bold Coaching.

Mike being a professional speaker people have always shared their challenges with him. In the search to support them "beyond the stage", he found coaching.

People were sometimes unsure they could rise up to a challenge but they all were capable of great things. Live Bold Coaching reveals the best of themselves and provides confidence to courageously overcome adversity and pursue challenging goals.

Mike who Lives with Cystic Fibrosis, running marathons and building career success provided key insights to performing at a high level. Formal coaching education brought a wealth of practicals skills to help others create their own success.

Live Bold means to be fearless and outstanding in all things so we make the most of our time, relationships, and opportunities.

E-mail: mike@michaelpatrickburke.com
Website: www.michaelpatrickburke.com
FB: /MPBurkeLiveBold

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