57 minutes | Jul 27th 2020

#33 A $50 Million Dollar Bet in the Middle of the Country

In this episode we talk to Brian and Candice Brackeen, Partners at Lightship Capital. Prior to becoming investors and co-founding their venture firm, Brian and Candice were entrepreneurs with first hand experience building, financing and raising funds for their respective companies. 

Join us as we talk to them about their latest $50 million dollar fund, which is considered to be the largest-ever VC fund to invest in Midwest in underrepresented founders including BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color), LGBTQ+, and people with disabilities working on artificial intelligence (AI), consumer packaged goods (CPG), sustainability, e-commerce, and healthcare. 

You can learn more about the fund and pitch Brian and Candice at www.Lightship.Capital and and by following them on twitter @brianbrackeen and @candicebrackeen.

Show Notes and Links:
The Grit by Angela Duckworth, Candice book reference.
Undock, instantly schedule, host and document meetings with your network.
FreshFry, Lightship Capital first investment under new fund. 

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