40 minutes | Mar 24th 2020

#23 Dale and Carrie Spoonmore, From Seed to Spoon

Imagine walking out to your backyard and picking bright red tomatoes, bell peppers and fresh-picked cilantro. Or any other fresh produce that is often expensive and difficult to find in stores. Sounds great no? Particularly in times of uncertainty like we are experiencing now as we combat coronavirus fears and isolation.

During World War II, people experienced food shortages, fear and anxiety, so Dr. George Washington Carver, a prominent scientist and inventor, promoted the idea of Victory Gardens, urging people to grow their own food, mostly as a way of supplementing their rations, but also as a way to boost morale. 

There are so many good reasons to begin growing your own food and really no reason not to. Growing food doesn’t just increase your access to nutritious food, it can save you money all while providing a creative and active outlet. It can also help reduce our carbon footprint, since long-distance transportation of produce relies heavily on fossil fuels and packaging. The problem is, not a lot of people know how or where to start. 

Luckily there are social entrepreneurs like Dale and Carrie Spoonmore, the Founders of From Seed to Spoon, who created an app to teach people how to grow their own food. The app even lets you sort out plants by health benefits.

In this episode, we talk to them about the origins of the idea and how they plan to help others build their own Victory Garden.  

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