37 minutes | Oct 14th 2019

#16 Kathy Taylor - Angel Investor, Entrepreneur and Policy Maker

When it comes to fundraising, Venture Capitalist tend to get most of the attention, but in reality, most first time checks for startups actually come from angel investors, not VCs. 

Angel investors are basically wealthy people who like to invest in early stage startups - in other words, they are people that can financially afford to lose their investment, without impacting their lifestyle. Most angel investors were once founders. They sold their company and now have capital to invest in other companies. Those often turn out to be great investors because they get it, they’ve been in the ring. 

Kathy Taylor is one of those angel investors. After earning her bachelors and juris doctorate Kathy began her career as an attorney. She then became Vice President and General Counsel of Thrifty Car Rental and later bought National Car Rental from General Motors using her family’s savings. Kathy eventually sold the company with her husband and started the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation - a philanthropic foundation focused on supporting local entrepreneurs. 

Kathy is also known for her public service, serving as Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma and later as State Secretary of Commerce, Tourism, and Workforce. Given her own experience in business, politics and government, Kahty is unapologetic about investing in and advocating for women through her personal and philanthropic investments. Join us as we learn more about her story and investment philosophy. 

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