15 minutes | Jan 3, 2021

36. UK COVID Variant Explained

We break down what’s known about the new UK COVID variant: what it is, what’s meant by ‘more transmissible’, and potential effects on vaccine efficacy.  Listen on: iTunes Spotify Stitcher We discuss: A new COVID variant in the UK is reported to be 71% more transmissible than ‘wild type’ virus [00:01:45]; The epidemiologic data on the new variant [00:03:09]; NERVTAG has ‘moderate confidence’ of increased transmissibility [00:04:56]; UK technical briefing shows no increase in 28 day mortality for new variant (at least so far) [00:06:02] A South African variant shows similar behavior as UK virus [00:06:45]; Potential effects of new variant mutations on vaccine efficacy [00:09:00]; And More. For complete and detailed show notes, previous episodes, or to sign up for our newsletter: https://www.stimuluspodcast.com/ If you like what you hear on Stimulus and use Apple/iTunes as your podcatcher, please consider leaving a review of the show. I read all the reviews and, more importantly, so do potential guests. Thanks in advance! Interested in sponsoring this podcast? Connect with us here Follow Rob:Twitter: https://twitter.com/emergencypdx Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stimuluswithrobormanmd Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/emergencypdx
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