105 minutes | Jun 21, 2021

Sticky Jazz interview The Dobermen

Happy Solstice all you Godless bloodsucking pagans. Let's celebrate with "The Dobermen".  The Dobermen are a clash of GayC/DC (Steve, Chris, Brian) , The Streetwalking Cheetahs (Frank), and Pansy Division (also Chris). Thus, you can guess what they are going to give us. Veteran rock musicians, forming a "Supergroup" to musically take on "The Karen Culture".  Having formed the band off an idea being bounced around in some text conversations, they did not "meet" as a band until the day of the video shoot. Politically charged, this video shows us the absurdity of what people have come up with during the pandemic, in a very loud package. An album is coming soon, and it is gonna be a great one.  Their story rocks, and more names were dropped, and stories told to make any rock junkie jealous. I am not kidding, these guys are the real deal.  facebook bandcamp #thedobermen #streetwalkincheetahs #pansydivision #gayc/dc  If you like what we do, please consider supporting us on Patreon  Also, for Pride please support a wonderful cause www.wunderkeks.com  
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