66 minutes | Jun 14, 2021

Sticky Jazz Interview Phil Crosby Jr / Bing Crosby's grandson

Raised in Hollywood of the Americana Tinseltown royalty, Phil Crosby Jr had no interest in playing the music of his roots and family legacy. He accidentally stumbled into actually listening to his father, and grandfather's music, and the love of the crooner jazz vocals became part of him.  He is the grandson of Bing Crosby, and son of Phil Crosby, he was raised around the musical royalty of Hollywood and has only recently taken to performing the kind of music that his family helped develop.  I spoke to him about his music, why he waited to start making this kind of music again, and his future release. His voice stands on its own, but he has the skills to make you want to go dance to a big band, for nostalgia you don't remember.   website Youtube concert #philcrosby #crooner #jazzvocalists #stickyjazz Please consider supporting us on Patreon 
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