41 minutes | May 13, 2021

Guitar Teachers Burnout and How You Can Overcome It with Brett Williams

Doing the same thing multiple times a day can sometimes feel exhausting, even if it’s something you love. And no matter how much they love playing and teaching guitar, most guitar teachers experience burnout some time in their career. In today's special episode, we’re joined by Brett Williams,  an accomplished Classical Guitar player, and composer with multiple recordings. Bret is also the Host of 2 Music Podcasts; “The Music History Podcast” and “Classical Guitar Insider”.Join us today as Brett and Steve share their experiences dealing with teacher burnout and how it looks teaching online vs. one-one lessons. Brett will also discuss the importance of being honest with how you feel in order to create authentic and heartfelt music.Stay tune ‘till the end as Brett gives his greatest piece of advice for aspiring guitar players on how they can consistently find their motivation to play despite the high rate of competition.Highlights:How the pandemic affected guitar teachers and what are some ways to pivotWhat it looks like teaching guitar playing through online platformsTeaching online vs one-on-one lessonsBrett and Steve’s personal experience with teacher’s burnout and how they overcome itHow to create authentic and heartfelt musicWhy group lessons are better than individual lessonsHow to teach guitar in an easier wayAdvice for someone who wants to enter the music industryLinks:www.bretwilliamsmusic.com Podcast:Classical Guitar Insiderhttps://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/classical-guitar-insider/id622648929 
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