37 minutes | Jul 15, 2021

Grim Reaper's Steve Grimmett: Origin Story and Musical Journey

The band Grim Reaper has always made a name across the world of heavy metal. The band has achieved success all over the world and has acclaimed three studio albums with single releases. Despite its success and popularity, the band has its own share of its origin story and how it reached the top.In today’s episode of The Steve Stine’s Podcast, we will be joined by the legendary, Steve Grimmett, the lead vocalist of the Grim Reaper. Join us as we talk about Steve Grimmett’s early days of getting started in the business and his backstories that will surely inspire you and make you appreciate his contribution to the music industry. Listen to this podcast now! Highlights:[01:43] How Steve Grimmett pursued music[03:40] How Steve Grimmett started and formed a band[03:54] How long Steve stayed from his former band and his present connections with his co-band mates [09:30] Steve’s natural voice and unique vocal range[12:05] Steve’s tranced way of writing and singing[12:44] How long does Steve turn a story into a song[14:43] How Steve puts into writing what is inside his mind[19:09] The Grim Reaper Band: What did Steve Grimmet do after his band dissolvedLink:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stevemgrimmett/?hl=enFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/Stevegrimmettofficial/Website: https://grimreaperofficial.co.uk/
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