55 minutes | May 5th 2020

Transform Your Spiritual and Soul Journey

Everyone is on a spiritual and soul journey. On Stepping into the Ten Da Tao Chang, Francisco Quintero will teach about the nature of the soul, where the soul comes from, and where it is going. If we are able to transform the soul, the heart, mind, and body and every aspect of life follows. Physical life is short; soul life is eternal. Physical life offers everyone the opportunity to advance their soul journey to higher levels of spiritual standing and to move towards enlightenment. Listeners will learn that every soul has a task, the soul as one’s true nature and true self, the houses or chakras where the soul resides, and the role of the souls of the major organs. Francisco Quintero will explain the power of soul over matter, and how the soul can grow, gain great abilities, and increase in power. He will also present simple techniques to transform the soul and empower people to remove physical, mental, and spiritual blockages and move towards enlightenment and beyond.