55 minutes | Apr 28th 2020

How to Rejuvenate Mind and Body by Rejuvenating the Soul

On Stepping into the Ten Da Tao Chang, Francisco Quintero will teach the most important secret for rejuvenating the mind and body: Rejuvenate the soul first; then rejuvenation for the mind and body will follow. Everyone wants to feel younger and live a long life. There are simple but powerful techniques that anyone can learn to engage the soul of their organs, systems, cells, and more to help rejuvenate soul, mind, and body. Francisco Quintero shares these techniques and explains the energy systems that need to be developed for longevity and preventing illness. Listeners will learn wisdom from traditional Chinese medicine and Taoism for health and longevity and for reaching higher layers of enlightenment. The brain is key to preventing the effects of aging on memory, energy, flexibility, and bodily functions. Find out how this wisdom and these techniques can help improve memory and other mental faculties, hormonal balance, cell metabolism, and the function of every system and organ.