56 minutes | May 12th 2020

How to Reach Soul Enlightenment & Uplift Your Spiritual Standing

On Stepping into the Ten Da Tao Chang, Francisco Quintero will explain that the purpose of the spiritual journey is to uplift your spiritual standing and how to reach soul enlightenment. He will teach the importance of service to humanity and Mother Earth and the role of offering unconditional, universal love, forgiveness, peace, harmony, healing, and blessings. The higher your spiritual standing, the more blessings you will receive, including the ability to heal, bless, and transform your life and to serve others. With higher spiritual standing, you will experience inner peace and inner joy, a greater ability to help others, and more success in every aspect of life. Learn how to let go of ego, attachments, and selfishness and heal, rejuvenate, and become enlightened. Everyone has the potential to reach soul enlightenment through serving others and can follow simple but powerful special practices to advance their spiritual standing. Enlighten the soul first; heart, mind, and body wil