140 minutes | Dec 14, 2020

Maria's Seed - The Jaguar Arreola Episode

In our latest installment of Step Off! Radio, we had the chance to interview Jaguar Arreola, 1/2 of Indigenous-Chicano Rap duo Kozmik Force come on the show to discuss his very first solo project 'Maria’s Seed', the latest effort in the Inland Empire based emcee’s ever-growing catalog of work. Coming right on the heels of Kozmik’ Force’s third project Ceremony On Concrete which dropped late last year in 2019, Jaguar continues on in the long tradition of conscious, politically engaged music he has come to be known for. Continuing on with his strong critique of the U.S. government, the criminal justice system, and pro-Chicano/Indigenous empowerment philosophy. Likewise, Jag discusses the personal, intimate nature of his latest record, the inspirations the led him to create a solo project, as well the impact of COVID-19 in BIPOC communities, state violence over the summer, and the struggles we have all faced in 2020. With that said, we hope that you all enjoy our discussion with Jaguar Arreola on Step Off! Radio
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