74 minutes | Jul 15, 2019

Make Sense Of Your Story - The Nate 'KnewBalance' Whitsell Episode

It is an understatement to say that Nate Whitsell is a wearer of many hats and of most versatile figures in the local San Diego Hip-Hop scene. He’s an emcee, a music journalist, an English teacher at Garfield High School and he is the founder of SDLovesHipHop.com; one of the premier online Hip-Hop publications based out of San Diego, California. As an educator, artist and music journalist he has been determined to increase readership in the local San Diego Hip-Hop community that believes in the power of Hip-Hop to serve as a sounding board for the masses. Since founding the website 2015, SDLovesHipHop.com has served as a platform to publicly facilitate a conversation about Hip-Hop music and culture as well as a catalyst for real, meaningful change; both in the lives of individuals and in our own greater communities abroad. Single-handedly and methodically documenting the music, culture and countless individuals who participate in and enjoy the art form all across the region. We had the pleasure of sitting down Nate where we got discuss among other things; his experiences and inspirations from his early life and childhood, as well as the origins of his early music and journalism career. Likewise, we also got to discuss his thoughts and experiences as an educator in the San Diego Unified School District, his thoughts on the constantly growing and expanding local San Diego Hip-Hop scene, as well as what the immediate future holds for SDLovesHipHop.com and his music. With that said, we are proud to present the tenth episode of Step Off! Radio with Nate ‘KnewBalance’ Whitsell.
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