126 minutes | Apr 16, 2021

Kill The Colonizer Inside Your Mind - The Kozmik Force Episode (Remastered Cut)

Three years ago, after much contemplation we here at Step Off! Magazine decided to branch out from the medium of print media and made the leap into the world of podcasting with a brand new podcast series. With little more than an iPhone and a Mac, we launched our official podcast of Step Off! Radio. We made it our mission to interview artists, performers, activists, community organizers, and those who inspire others to make a difference in the world through their talent, art, and social advocacy. It was our hope that through our platform we could share music, culture, politics, and other current events relating to social justice through that of a Hip-Hop lens. Three years and twenty-six episodes later, we're still here and still continuing to grow. Starting a podcast was an idea that had been suggested by several friends of mine almost from the very beginning when I first started Step Off! Magazine in the fall of 2016. In celebration of our third anniversary, we wanted to share a special episode, a remastered version of our very first pilot episode with our inaugural guests' underground Hip-Hop group Kozmik Force. Our pilot episode was recorded at the Justice Center San Diego, on March 26th, 2018, and was first aired on April 30th, 2018. This episode is a remastered version of our first interview with Kozmik Force. It was recorded several months after they had dropped their first mixtape 'War Cry', and released prior to the release of their sophomore effort 'Untamed Unchained' in the summer of 2018. During our interview, Jag and Threat discuss the origins of Kozmik Force, their activism through music, their debut mixtape War Cry, decolonization & Indigenous resistance/liberation in the age of Trump. It’s important to note that this episode did originally air in 2018, so some portions of the interview might be somewhat date. However, three years later much of our conversation has remained very relevant. In this episode you’ll hear new music, added special effects, as well as portions from our interview that were omitted from the original episode. Over the past three years, we’ve grown tremendously in our craft and felt it was only right to give our inaugural episode the treatment it deserves. With that said we here at Step Off! Radio want to thank you all for your support over these past three years and hope you all enjoy our remastered cut of 'Kill The Colonizer Inside Your Mind' with Kozmik Force.
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