20 minutes | Nov 19th 2017

15: Geotechnical/Civil Engineer – Passion from being in Earthquake at 13 – Menzer Pehlivan

Menzer Pehlivan, whose passion came when she experienced an earthquake at age 13, earned a PHD in Civil Engineering in 2013 from the University of Texas at Austin with a focus in Geotechnical Engineering and is currently a Geotechnical Engineer at CH2M.

Civil Engineering has 6 types of Majors; Structural, Geotechnical, Transportation, Hydro-logical, and Construction Engineering. A Geotechnical Engineer specializes in Earthquake engineering/ground motion and a masters degree will be very useful vs simply a 4 year undergraduate degree. What is exciting about Geotechnical engineering is that every project is different as you need to make sure that every building will stand up and the ground is always different.

Menzer notes that engineering is all about solving problems and there is always A way!
She was questioned by her high school teacher why a girl would want to be an engineer, but her grandfather who believed in her said to go for it! When you believe you can do it, then do it!! and there will be many times you will doubt yourself, so find that one person who believes in you to bring you up when you are doubting.

Menzer was also involved with the IMAX movie Dream Big.

Recommended book is “Talent Is Overated” By Geoffrey Colvin.

You can pick up a free audio book from Audible at www.stemonfirebook.com
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