79 minutes | Mar 8, 2021

Data visualisation with Annette Hester (#20)

Annette Hester heads TheHesterView Inc. and focuses on a new approach to working with data. Her projects show innovation in action. She is best known for bringing together leading experts in their field to form teams that work in unison to deliver excellence in data structuring and in data visualisation. Her work is distinguishable for the quality of the design. She brings decades of experience to her advisory and strategic policy services. Ms. Hester is a member of the Canadian Statistics Advisory Council. She served as a senior advisor to the Deputy Minister of the Government of Alberta, Canada and as a policy team member of Alberta’s Premier Alison Redford Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta leadership campaign. She was the founding director of the Latin American Research Centre at the University of Calgary, and a faculty member of the University of Calgary Haskayne Global Energy EMBA. Ms. Hester has extensive experience as a data and energy sector consultant for leading companies, governments, and multilateral institutions in several countries of the Americas. Ms. Hester has a master’s degree in economics and has written for a variety of multilateral institutions, academic publications and think-tanks. She was a frequent contributor to Oxford Analytica and has authored numerous articles in policy and energy journals. In our conversation, we talk about data visualisation and Annette's unique journey to data sciences. Show Notes (link) Connect with STEAM Powered: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Patreon Ko-Fi
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