64 minutes | Feb 2, 2021

Dr. Jonathan Partridge ER Doctor - COVID Discussion - Vaccinations, Mental Health, Schools, Lockdown, Offices & Masking

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Jonathan Partridge, an Emergency Room Doctor from Oakville Hospital.  We circle back to our last discussion and review what has been happening on the front lines and across the globe.  We hear Dr. Partridges views on vaccination, the current situation, the roll-out and the true purpose of vaccinating.  We talk about the consequences of the current lockdown and government measures taken with an increase in mental health visits to the ER.  Dr. Partridge explores what the near-term and long-term future may hold for schools, public spaces, the home, and workplaces and how the new covid variants may impact our quest to getting normality back to our lives.  Dr. Partridge really helps simplify and tie everything together.
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