16 minutes | Sep 28, 2021

Faith. Adventure. Purpose. The Impact of Identity

Your identity becomes a filter through which all possibilities for your life must pass.  That makes the ability and desire to adjust the settings on that filter extremely important. If you a business builder, you know first hand that your business has an identity of it’s own - and THAT identity is going to have a massive impact on what is possible for your business. Take a behind the scenes look at the role IDENTITY plays in business building and how it has shaped Jake and Whit. Whit and Jake are Christian Life Coaches at Steadfast Life Coaching.  We bridge the gap between the secular wisdom of the self-help world and the transformative power of faith in Jesus. Apply for a FREE breakthrough Session: https://oykk2m84esb.typeform.com/to/aoDyvObT Learn about VIP coaching: https://www.steadfastlifecoaching.com/vip-coaching-page Join our Monthly Membership "Trust U": https://www.steadfastlifecoaching.com/trust-u FB: https://www.facebook.com/SteadfastLifeCoaching IG: https://www.instagram.com/steadfastlifecoaching/
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