80 minutes | Jun 27th 2019

Crime & Politics (with Rachel Barkow)

On this episode of Stay Tuned, "Crime & Politics," host Preet Bharara answers your questions about: -- Prosecutors’ personalities -- The Supreme Court’s decision in Flowers v. Mississippi, a capital case dealing with a prosecutor’s removal of black people from the jury pool. -- Preet also shares a letter from Steven Martin, a leading prison reform advocate and former guest on Stay Tuned, who wrote in with his thoughts on Preet and Anne’s conversation on the CAFE Insider podcast about the Justice Department’s argument that detained migrant children need not be provided soap and toothbrushes.  Rachel Barkow, an expert on criminal justice, NYU Law professor, and author of Prisoners of Politics: Breaking the Cycle of Mass Incarceration, joins Preet for a wide-ranging conversation that covers sentencing reform, how we measure a prosecutor’s success, clemency power, and more. [Interview begins 11 minutes into the episode] Bonus clips from the interview are available for members of the CAFE Insider community  Sign up to receive free references and supplemental materials for Stay Tuned episodes, a weekly newsletter, and updates from Preet. As always, tweet your questions to @PreetBharara with hashtag #askpreet, email us at staytuned@cafe.com, or call 699-247-7338 to leave a voicemail.  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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