19 minutes | Sep 29th 2020

Managed services: Closing talent gaps in IT security

Shortages of talent continue to handicap the ability of state and local governments to keep up with growing security threats. The shift to a remote workforce has only expanded the daily onslaught of security threats just as agency leaders face looming budget pressures in the coming year. Government leaders are reconsidering the advantages of managed and professional service providers to bridge their skills gaps and maintain security operations at a lower overall cost. The skills gap is twofold problem for state agencies, explains Tanium's CTO, Gary Buonacorsi. “Retirements are taking a lot of institutional knowledge out the door. And then there is a competitive landscape around modern tool sets for security and infrastructure,” he says. Chris Novak from Verizon adds that working with managed services helps organizations get the best and broadest possible visibility of the threat landscape because they can correlate more data points and understand whether certain activity is anomalous. Podcast sponsored by Verizon. Guests: Gary Buonacorsi, Chief IT Architect and CTO, State & Local Government and Education, Tanium Chris Novak, Director, Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center, Verizon Host: Wyatt Kash, SVP, Content Strategy, Scoop News Group Look for more coverage of “IT Security Modernization” on www.fedscoop.com/listen
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