14 minutes | Dec 7th 2020

Digital transformation and the importance of end-to-end visibility

The COVID-19 pandemic — while throwing the nation into crisis — also served as an accelerator for agencies to modernize how they interact with constituents and deliver services. “Everybody started to be affected by not just the pandemic and the virus, but how technology and data, and their interaction with it, made them successful or not,” says technical advisor, Juliana Vida. “More and more [decisions are] reliant on data. Those that are making decisions, those are that are deciding where the resources go, if they aren't really comfortable with looking at data and making best use of it across the entire agency … they're really at a disadvantage,” she says. Vida discusses the growing interest in data analytics, dashboards and graphs and why organization leaders should use this interest to push faster into that “data age." Sponsored by Splunk. Guest: Juliana Vida, Chief Technical Adviser, Public Sector, Splunk (former Navy Deputy CIO) Host: Wyatt Kash, SVP, Content Strategy, Scoop News Group Look for more coverage of “IT Security in Government” on www.statescoop.com/listen
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