59 minutes | Aug 22, 2019

AI Art with Camila Magrane, Multimedia Artist

We continue our exploration into AI art this time speaking with San Francisco-based artist, Camila Magrane, whose recent project, OSMA, combines artificial intelligence and social media with plant-life.

-About Camila Magrane-

Camila Magrane is a multimedia artist originally from caracas, venezuela. having a father from the us and a mother from venezuela, she grew up alternating between both countries. Being fully exposed to two different cultures gave her a greater understanding of what it means to have various perspectives.

After graduating from film school in caracas, she moved back to san francisco where she freelanced as an editor and camera operator, working on a wide range of fictional films, documentaries, and music videos. camila later moved on to work in the game industry as a cinematic artist. 

Most recently, camila has been exploring the involvement of technology and interactivity in art. this has driven her to obtain a bachelor of science in computer science with a concentration in game development. She continues to hone her skills as a creative coder through the creation of interactive videos, installations and games.

She has been most noted for the creation of her “digital photogram collages” where she has established a postmodern aesthetic by combining traditional darkroom techniques with the use of digital tools.

Learn more at https://www.camilamagrane.com/

Follow here @CamilaMagrane

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