20 minutes | Apr 9, 2020

Funding startups through VCs

We've spoken to the founders and the people they choose to help start their business. Now it's time discuss another important group, who get involved as these companies begin to scale. VCs. We'll learn about finding the right VC that fits for you, and how the road to success doesn't always feature dollar signs. I'll be speaking to a few of our startups who are in the process of seeking investment or have secured funding. I'll also talk to one founder, who exited their last business after several successful rounds of funding, on how they'll bring their experience to this new business. Featuring conversations with:Chris Monkman - NeighbourhoodSusan Ismail - WorkzoneScott Davies - tecy.digital   Startupscale is produced by Roaring Mouse Public Relations, hosted by Nathan Makalena, and features music by Mr Will Taylor.
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