36 minutes | Jul 21, 2021

That Founder Sold for Too Little!

In today’s Startup Therapy Podcast, Wil and Ryan talk about opinions that do not matter when a company sells. A lot of founders are stigmatized for selling their Startups for too little. Too little in a sense that these non-founders only think of the numbers and not the value and work put into building the business. And the glaring truth is that they have never had that much money in their entire life! So their opinions aren’t valid.  Sign up for the Startups Newsletterhttps://www.startups.com/newsletterResources: Startup Therapy Podcast  https://www.startups.com/begin Join our Network of Top Founders  Send an email to therapy@startups.com  What to Listen For 00:00 Intro 00:53 To those who said, “That founder sold the company for too little.”  05:38 The lack of self-awareness of people making unnecessary comment 09:42 The unsolicited comment will constantly haunt the founder 13:46 Shooting back at the trolls just brings more trolls 17:49 $2M is $2M, how is that bad? 21:31 You can’t belittle $2M if you don’t have it 23:59 People are just chasing more without a clear objective 28:15 If the amount is relative to the founder’s needs, it’s a winning sale 30:00 Not all founders are able to sell their business 35:32 Founders shouldn’t lose sight of their accomplishment
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