34 minutes | May 31, 2021

Our Latest Success Might Be Our Last

In today’s Startup Therapy Podcast, Wil and Ryan talk about the notion that your current success will be the same for every Startup you build. While you’re in the momentum and when new ideas come in, you’re most likely tempted to venture into another Startup. Right? But, take a pause there and consider the odds of your success.  

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What to Listen For

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:25 The notion that your current success will be lifetime
  • 04:59 We think about our startup success the way people tend to think about career success
  • 08:05 Sometimes, founders are just done and want to sell fast
  • 14:36 We optimize for cost and revenue over time but unwilling to invest time when it’s over
  • 18:28 We love to assume the outcome in that next hand and just carry forward
  • 22:56 Stick around and work on every angle to achieve exponential liftoff
  • 26:41 Pay attention to what you have in your hand at the moment
  • 30:07 Successful Startups achieve success due to a ton of factors lining up at the same time
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