36 minutes | Jul 13th 2020

How Much Money Does it Take to Be Rich?

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Do you have safety assets for your next milestone bet?
In this episode of Startup Therapy, Ryan Rutan and Wil Schroter discuss the difference between personal and business safety, an optimized approach to running a Startup, and creating a safety net for every milestone.
Listen in and learn how base-level stability can fundamentally change a business. 
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What To Listen For:
  • [00:00:33] How can I feel safe from Startup scam?
  • [00:02:10] Safety can be achieved at a much lower threshold. Now that I am safe, how do I become rich?
  • [00:06:22] Personal safety vs Business safety
  • [00:09:40] Optimizing approach to building a Startup
  • [00:12:06] What safety looks like as a milestone?
  • [00:13:40] Safety means you can weather a storm. What is a storm to you?
  • [00:17:03] Startup narrative: What safety really is and how important is it for businesses?
  • [00:19:31] Having a safety net allows you to do things you couldn't do.
  • [00:21:11] Establish real, specific milestones 
  • [00:23:45] The safety that businesses should be looking for.
  • [00:25:49] Isolate your milestones, put your bet on something that doesn't impact your safety.
  • [00:27:00] Create base-level stability for the business.
  • [00:29:17] How focusing on getting to that safe point can fundamentally change the business.
  • [00:32:43] Once you're safe, becoming rich becomes a luxury goal.
  • [00:34:00] What do you need to be safe enough to make really big bets?
  • [00:36:18] Figure out exactly what safety looks like.
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