71 minutes | Jan 17, 2020

How to make sustainability everyone's everyday business, with Frederik & Jonas

American Author & Professor Anna Lappé stated - “Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” In other words, we now live in a brand democracy and our world needs us to take responsibility for voting for the most sustainable solutions. In this weeks episode of Startup Playground Podcast, you will hear about a platform that helps citizens and companies connect around sustainability - conveniently, believably and rewardingly - in order to make everybody everyday heroes of their 'hoods. The name of this new guide to the sustainable market is 'hoodHeroes and it is founded by two ambitious entrepreneurs - Frederik Rubens Mortensen & Jonas Bruun Jacobsen HOW AND WHY TO SOLVE SUSTAINABILITY IN THE MARKETPLACE?Sustainability... If you ask many people the same question, you will get so many different answers, because each of them may understand it differently. However, with the major environmental and social impact of brands and organisations, sustainability has become a grand opportunity, or inevitable challenge, for any company. And a critical responsibility for citizens to use their buying power to help reward and refine company practices. But how to do so in the busy and confusing everyday life of the market? To help, in swoops 'hoodHeroes with a rating community allowing citizens to find, compare and impact brands and companies to showcase and improve their sustainability and, in turn, the love for their brand.Read more about the 'hoodHeroes here - https://www.hoodheroes.co/ and find out how you can become a more sustainable hero, whether you are a citizen or company.CREDITS* THE ENTREPRENEUR OR THE ORGANISATION HOSTED ON THIS EPISODE HAS NOT SPONSORED THIS EPISODE, AS WELL AS THIS EPISODE IS NOT SPONSORED BY ANY ORGANISATION OR COMPANY. IT IS PURELY OUR OWN INTEREST TO UNDERSTAND THE ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET.  * Music licensed from http://www.purple-planet.com * Record Player Static Sound - Recorded by Mike Koenig * AM Radio Tuning Sound - Public Domain  * Applause 6 - https://www.soundjay.com/human/sounds/applause-6.mp3
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