21 minutes | Mar 28, 2020

How can we make voluntourism more sustainable l Part 2, with Eva Cian

"It is a beautiful gesture to want to volunteer and therefore it should be done efficiently." / Eva CianOn this episode, you will be able to listen to the continues part of Part 1 - The complexities of voluntourism and the unregulated market, we had the chance to tap into together with Eva Cian. You will be able to understand how we can create a change and what role NGO PILOT is playing in all this. WHAT IS THE MISSION OF NGO PILOT?Their mission is to create awareness campaign and debate, through relevant channels, on the issue of travel type, voluntary travel. In addition, collect signatures on requirements to have a validation method introduced, which is to ensure transparent and sustainable voluntary work abroad. CREDITS* THE ENTREPRENEUR OR THE ORGANISATION HOSTED ON THIS EPISODE HAS NOT SPONSORED THIS EPISODE, AS WELL AS THIS EPISODE IS NOT SPONSORED BY ANY ORGANISATION OR COMPANY. IT IS PURELY OUR OWN INTEREST TO UNDERSTAND THE ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET. * Music licensed from http://www.purple-planet.com * Record Player Static Sound - Recorded by Mike Koenig * AM Radio Tuning Sound - Public Domain
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