22 minutes | May 2, 2019

Special: Elements of a Great Team and Culture

Inspired by numerous requests of our listeners, we created some special episodes based on different key themes. We have put together the best pieces of timeless advice that we found most insightful from all the conversations with founders and VCs that we have published so far.   In our third special episode, we focus on what makes great teams and company cultures. Find out what successful startups do right in this regard - we hope you enjoy!   01 - Uwe Horstmann (Project A Ventures) [01:33 - 06:12] Who you should hire first when starting a company [06:13 - 07:31] How to best set up the compensation scheme for your team   02 - Florian Heinemann (Project A Ventures) [07:36 - 09:35] What type of expert your first marketing employee should be [09:36 - 11:50] The background and experience your first marketing employee should have   03 -  Friedrich A. Neuman (MAKERS.do) [11:55 - 12:59] The ideal setup of a founders team   04 - Benedikt Franke (Helpling) [13:04 - 15:20] The conditions for making it work to start a company with a friend   05 - Niklas Jansen (Blinkist) [15:21 - 21:23] When and how to build a strong company culture
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