38 minutes | Jul 11, 2018

From Scratch 03 | Uwe Horstmann deconstructs the traits of great founding teams

Uwe Horstmann is one of the people that truly stand out in the Berlin startup scene. Only in his early 30’s, he has been Managing Director at Rocket Internet in the past and started his own VC firm that follows a special approach - Project A Ventures does not only invest into startups but also supports them operationally with its own team of experts. Uwe knows what qualities to look for in founding teams to increase the chances of making it to the top.

In this episode, recorded at our third "From Scratch" masterclass, Uwe and moderator Christian Miele (Partner at e.ventures) take a deep dive into the underlying elements of startup success with a special focus on the traits of founders that accomplish great things together.


„From Scratch“ is an exclusive series of masterclasses organized by Startup Notes in association with Digital McKinsey. It brings together Europe's top entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders to give their personal insights on becoming digital winners. The lectures are presented by Business Punk.

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