16 minutes | Feb 26th 2020

Ryan Allis

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Ryan Allis discusses hive.org a global community of entrepreneurs committed to creating a better world.

Startup Millionaires Podcast Episode 006 with Kevin Harrington, Seth Greene, and Ray Blanco.

Ryan Allis is the Chairman & CEO of Hive. His purpose on this planet is to build a global community of entrepreneurs committed to creating a better world. He was previously a technology entrepreneur and was CEO and Co-founder of iContact from 2003-2012.

Ryan is an Emeritus Member of the UN Foundation Global Entrepreneur Council and served as National Co-Chairperson of Technology for Obama during the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election. Ryan is the author of the book Zero to One Million. Ryan enjoys helping leaders discover their purpose in life and traveling to the various Hive events around the world.

Listen to this informative Startup Millionaires Podcast episode with Ryan Allis about hive.org and scaling companies to have a bigger impact.

●     Why it’s meaningful to have global community at a lower price point to help those who don’t have as high of a cashflow.

●     The importance of having volunteers as brand ambassadors to hold local events.

●     How creating an ecosystem can help promote your content and digital sales.

●     Why there is such a huge demand for community, tribe, and purpose.

●     The vitality of diversity within a global community.

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