11 minutes | Mar 29, 2017

EnrichHER Edition: Imagination Beyond Boundaries with Lalanya Abner

On our EnrichHer edition of StartUp Funding hosted by Dr. Roshawnna Novellus today we have a new entrepreneur who has curated an awesome series of stories representing people of color: Lalanya Abner. She shares with us more about herself and what led her to become an entrepreneur. She says: “I think entrepreneurship honestly was in my blood”, being something that has always been in her family from before she was born, she’s is a natural at it. Being raised in a family of entrepreneurs doesn’t deter her as she plans to carve a name for herself. She tells that the inspiration behind her stories has always been children, she noticed that children of color were mostly underrepresented in the choice of available play material for children. Being an artist/creator/writer herself and with the help of friends they decided to solve a need. With an awesome educative series, they aim to teach children of color how to be entrepreneurs themselves. Presently parents can find this book on Amazon and on their website. It hasn’t been all easy though and she had some obstacles which she shares with us along with how she was able to overcome and learn from them. She sees success as having created a culture for young children they can be proud of, bridging the gap for children of color. Her stories are having an impact in Atlanta and hopes to leave a legacy for children of color through legacy planning and succession planning. “Spread the word” is what she has to say on how we can help to make her books a success.   Lalanya Abner and Roshawnna Novellus discuss: [01:42] Lalanya talks more about herself and what led her into entrepreneurship. [02:46] We get to know the inspirations behind her beautiful stories. [05:45] Lalanya and Roshawnna talk about obstacles and difficulties she faced in this business. [06:44] Lalanya answers the question “what does success look like for your business.” [09:19] We get to know what we can do to support this initiative.
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