36 minutes | Nov 19, 2020

Ep: 05 - Quinn Beasley on Life with a Brain Injury, Understanding ADHD, Trauma, Overcoming Extreme Obstacles, and Living a Healthy Future

In this episode of Starting Overdrive, we talk with circus artist turned comedian/actor, Quinn Beasley, about the many times he's started over in life, including a devastating, life-changing fall from a 10-foot unicycle during a live performance that left him with a traumatic brain injury. As we delve deeper into the life story of Quinn Beasley, we learn more about how Quinn enrolled in circus training at a young age as an outlet to deal with being diagnosed with ADHD, how he learned to understand his condition, and how he overcame extreme obstacles, including substance abuse, anger, depression, and being homeless. As well, we also learn how Quinn started over, turned his life around, traveled the world with his own live circus shows, and lives healthy today as a comedian and actor with a new outlook on life where anything is possible.
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