36 minutes | Nov 22nd 2020

EP 35 - SIGN THIS BAND? 🤷‍♂️ The Middle Room (Band Interviews)

Should I sign this band???Band Interviews: The Middle RoomThis week on the Starting A Record Label Podcast we're conducting Band Interviews! I got to interview Pittsburgh's newest pop-punk band The Middle Room! If you haven't heard their new ep "Never Satisfied" on Spotify, check it out below! From the sound of it, they started the band and then immediately ran into the usual 2020 problems. But through it all, they managed to record and release several singles and an EP! I'm super excited to have more artists like t his on and even more excited to be moving forward again!Speaking of getting things done, I finally finished a huge video that I'm extremely excited about! It was 5 months in the making and I finally have my mixing/editing desk finished! Watch the finished product here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLCeGR5iQScThe Middle Room Links:Spotify: The Middle Room: Never SatisfiedInstagramFacebookYouTubeAlso..... more podcast stuff!The Starting a Record Label Podcast on YouTubeJoshua Smith's Audio Channel on YouTubeSubmit your band to the label! NotTodayRobot.com Starting A Record Label is a podcast that journals the beginning of Not Today Robot, a label created by Joshua Smith: a music producer, mixer, and engineer in Los Angeles, California.
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