29 minutes | Feb 27th 2015

StarterCast Ep7 – Team Building

Episode 7 – Team Building We started this project with only a very loose connection to each other – we were all UCF students. But, as we peeled back the onion, we found other properties that we shared. We also used our strengths to produce amazing results in a short time. We are working on creating some even better content, but we need your help. Send us your thoughts and ideas of how to improve the show to StarterCast@gmail.com. The Interview This week we interview the amazing Joshua Immel and Terrence Donnelly – the founders of Teeps. The two of them met through traveling in a band and Terrence actually self-taught himself in the back of a van. Teeps is a mobile app development company who have worked with some of the biggest names in Orlando tech community like Code School and Clink. Terrence was recently interviewed for his insight on wearable technology by Fox 35. They also created Fabric for UCF starters to connect with each other. We used Fabric to create our team for StarterCast. Connect with Teeps • Email (info@teeps.org) • Teeps • Fabric Download & Subscribe Now You can download the show on iTunes or Stitcher (and subscribe while you’re there so you don’t miss an episode). We would love to get your feedback on the show. Leave us a rating and review. Get Exclusive Content Signup for our free newsletter to be one of the first to receive new episodes and get bonus content like extended interviews and deleted scenes. We will have our website up soon, so stay tuned!