29 minutes | Jan 19, 2021

075: The Last Episode! (Possibly 😋)

It’s the last episode! I’m sharing the biggest lessons I wish I knew when I first started learning to code, and also what’s still to come on the Start Over Coder journey. My Parting Advice 1. Set a clear goal from the beginning 2. Build actual projects 3. Work with other people from the beginning 4. Teach someone else what you know 5. What to learn? Keep it basic and go deep What’s Next for the Start Over Coder Despite this being my “parting advice,” I’m not stopping coding or actually going anywhere! Though the podcast is coming to an end, my main goals (check out episodes two and four to hear about them) are still very much in play. You can listen to the episode from about 16:15 to hear what’s coming up in the immediate future, and keep in touch for future updates by: subscribing to the podcast feed wherever you get your podcasts signing up for the SOC mailing list following me on Twitter and/or Instagram (Direct Messages are open if you want to get in touch) emailing me at startovercoder at gmail dot com Show Links: CodeNewbie podcast season 3, ep 8 - Colleen Schnettler Episode 70 — First Real Life Dev Meeting Grace Hopper Celebration freeCodeCamp This episode was originally published 7 July, 2018.
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