15 minutes | Jan 5, 2021

061: React First Impressions

This week’s episode it about my first attempts at learning the React framework…it was a mixed bag but here are my first impressions: Bottom line: I don’t think I’ve hit the pain points yet that React can solve. Also, using React requires a pretty solid foundation on ES6 methods which I could use some brushing up on. There are a few more pluses and minuses I discuss in the episode, so give it a listen! And if you have any suggested resources for learning React please share 😄 Show Links: React and React Native and React VR sites Create React App Learn about other front-end frameworks and how they stack up against each other Episode 29 - The Web Developer Bootcamp course review Episode 51 - Static Site Generators Are Awesome Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp This episode was originally published 20 March, 2018.
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