5 minutes | Aug 12, 2020

Get More Views on YouTube in 15 Seconds (ep 053)

A quick tip to answer how to get more views on YouTube in 15 Seconds. This trick will not only get you more video views but increase engagement and get you more subscribers on YouTube as well. The hook to your video is important to make people curious but also let them know you will deliver on what your title and thumbnail is promising the viewer.

How To Get More Views? - The first 15 seconds of your video is the time you have to reassure your viewer that they will get what they expected from the video thumbnail or title. This might be the answer to a question, some action, or in my case normally a youtube tutorial showing them something that could get them more subscribers, add an end screen or do something cool with a youtube feature.

If you can master the first 15 seconds of your video you will increase overall watch time, get more views for longer and that can also convert into more subscribers in the long run. Get more views fast but then keep them learn how to hook viewers and they will engage with you.

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