69 minutes | Oct 24, 2019

ESG020 Authenticity, Kundalini and Coming Out of the Culture Closet with Kirti Srivastava

For Episode 20 we are joined by the founder of the DilSe Spirit School and a pillar of the local movement community, Kirti Srivastava. Kirti uses creativity and spirituality to ignite access to source divine. A dancer, yogi, and an educator for over 20 years--she looks to connect our human existence to our spiritual calling. As a first-generation American, Kirti weaves constructs of race and identity into her spiritual work, resulting in deep conversations around appropriation, patriarchy, and the responsibility of human beings on this planet. She currently works as a yoga philosophy teacher, promotes peach through self-love as a personal trainer integrating mindful fitness, brings arts and spirit into school culture as an educational consultant and facilitates individual and group energy healing practices through breath, sound, and movement as an established movement medicine practitioner here in San Diego, CA.We dedicate the first ⅓ of the episode time to learn more about Kirti’s background to better understand who she is. With her upbringing in a community that was had an abundance of white supremacists, she realized--early in her life--what skin color, pedagogy, and learned behaviors meant. In this episode we also explore: Racism and creating your path as you grow into who you are meant to beAuthenticity: Coming out of your cultural closet as the “real you”What it means to pass down patriarchy, how to stop ancestral patriarchy, stepping off the path of creating the “perfect wifey resume”What Hip Hop Kundalini is and the benevolence of Kundalini energy (by whatever name you choose to call it)Doing what you’re born to do and living life orgasmically To learn more about Kirti Srivastava by visiting her online at:www.DilSeCulture.comAnd on Instagram at: DilSe.kirtidance
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