84 minutes | Dec 19, 2017

ESG013 The End is the Beginning: Reforestation at the End of The World with Ayana Young

For Episode Number 13 we are joined by ecological researcher and voice of the forest Ayana Young. Ayana hosts For The Wild Podcast (formerly Unlearn & Rewild) and teaches about empowered earth stewardship, leads biodiversity enhancement workshops and facilitates panels across North America.Ayana is currently studying Restoration of Natural Systems in Victoria, BC, and creating an ecological research center and native species nursery in the Southern tip of the Cascadian bioregion. Along with the restoration of damaged landscapes, Ayana is committed to protecting intact ecosystems. In this Episode you will learn:• What it means to be planting 1 million redwoods at the end of the age of loneliness • Why a women’s perspective and capacity to “embody the dichotomy” of our times is critical to the climate change movement• How sacred rage can function as a gateway into a scouring, purifying grief that paves the way for a more creative, emotionally evocative, sensually fulfilling form of  activismTo Learn donate to Ayana’s 1 million Redwoods Kickstarter project, click here before December 29th, 2017.  Click here to enjoy over 60 interviews exploring radical ideas for earth renewal through Ayana’s podcast For The Wild.Musical enhancement for this episode includes "When I grow Up" by Fever Ray
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