30 minutes | Oct 29, 2015

004 - feat. DANNY SMITH

STAR WARS EXPOSÉ   EP 004 - Danny J Smith, The Fan who created The Alliance of Star Wars Fanatics Facebook GROUP and how it’s one of the FASTEST GROWING Star Wars Facebook groups out there!! How Star Wars basically helped SAVE HIS LIFE!!   Our host, Jeremy Williamson, aka "JMIAH" Interviews Danny about those things and discusses his passion, also gives a lot of advice and tips on how to GROW your facebook group, and the partnership between them and Star Wars Exposé! We are ALL ABOUT NETWORKING with GOOD people!!   Danny’s Twitter is: @DannySmithRFLZ — SO FOLLOW HIM and say @JMIAHONLINE sent you from Star Wars Exposé     www.StarWarsExposé.com   TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / SNAPCHAT / VINE / LINKEDIN: @JMIAHONLINE   Join our FACEBOOK GROUP to plug-in at "Star Wars Exposé" or click: https://www.facebook.com/groups/starwarsexpose/   Email us at StarWarsExp@gmail.com   OUR MISSION:    "To produce a weekly podcast interviewing the world's most inspiring and successful STAR WARS FANS, sharing their journey, empowering listeners to take their STAR WARS FANDOM to the NEXT LEVEL and laughing along the way.”     www.StarWarsExposé.com   Helping the Professional fans tell the world About what they do! We love to collaborate with those fans in promote each other but our motive is to try and out give by promoting their missions by interviewing them, using our platform to help them be more successful, and build some amazing new friends that LOVE STAR WARS like we do!!     ~~~~~~~ TAGS~~~~~` #STARWARS #EXPOSÉ #GEORGELUCAS #LUCASFILM #THEFORCEAWAKENS #DISNEY
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