15 minutes | May 9th 2017

People of the Amazon to Meet at Stanford in a Plea to Save It

This month, representatives from different tribes, ethnicities, and countries of the Amazonian rainforest and other rainforests of South America will meet at Stanford University. They will be brought by efforts from different organizations inside and outside Stanford. Dr. Jose Fragoso, from the California Academy of Sciences They will be talking about way to save the rainforest and their land rights. They will talk about the state of their homes and their tribes, and exchange knowledge with researchers, academics, and other institutions. To talk about this our guest is Dr. Jose Fragoso. He is a researcher at the California Academy of sciences, and also a professor at Stanford university. Dr. Fragoso has been with us in the show before and will be back soon. He spends many months a year researching new species in the Brazilian Amazon and studying ways to preserve its environment. He also has great experience sharing ideas and learning about different Native Tribes of the south American Rainforest. Listen to our show to learn more about their plans, their programs, their achievements and their history. Remember to leave a comment and to follow us on social media.  We hope to inspire and inform. We wish you can give us feedback, [...]
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