28 minutes | Sep 20th 2016

“Es Tiempo” and The Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit

Today I am talking with Frank Carbajal, founder and president of Es Tiempo, LLC., founder of the Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit and co-author of “Building the Latino Future: Success Stories for the Next Generation.” His company called “es tiempo” provides leadership development by bringing leaders together through business mentorship and annually through the Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit (SVLLS). The Summit happens every year at the Stanford University Campus, and the main goal is to connect and inspire the community towards entrepreneurship and leadership. Carbajal also developed what he calles the FUTURE framework leadership model as part of his consulting and educational business. The Future framework helps companies and organizations build their Employee Resource Groups,  allowing people to gain best practices perspectives while integrating leadership into the workplace. Women Speakers and Leader during SVLLS Carbajal and his wife work on the summit every year choosing the best leaders and role models to talk at the summit, and had been doing so since 2010. On 2016 it added a “shark tank” style presentation by startups, that got advise and access to investors and collaborators. We hope you enjoyed our show. Remember to leave a comment and to follow us on social media. We hope to inspire and inform. We wish you can give us feedback, subscribe to [...]
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