35 minutes | Jan 10th 2017

Bringing The Love of STEM to All Girls

Founder and Executive Director Maria Celier Today show is a conversation with María Célérier, founder and Executive Director of the foundation “Kids Vission”. They main mission is to engage girls into STEM education. They started with the vision that that girls in Silicon Valley need to know how STEAM is applied in real life, and suggested offering girls in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades an after school program that would show them how some of the most innovative companies in the Valley apply STEAM. This program could is primarily funded by several high-tech companies and hosts inside their headquarters, where employees from different companies volunteer as mentors and role models for leadership skills and STEAM-related careers. Celier earned a Master of Business Administration at HEC-Paris and a Bachelor of International Relations at the Universidad de las Americas-Puebla. Her job experience in the Bay Area has been focused on helping children, youth and adults to improve their lives through education–at Renaissance helping adults to start their own businesses, at JobTrain helping youth to graduate from high school and to find jobs, and at Kids’ Vision empowering girls to learn STEM. The girl in the left of the image represents a girl who has been in the program. [...]
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